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I have a friend and coworker "M," who grew up in Albania, which at the time was under communist rule.  She's extremely intelligent and wanted to become a doctor, but because her family didn't have strong connections to the communist party, the highest position she could hope for was a high school science teacher.

During the last few years before the iron curtain fell, supplies/rations were greatly reduced.  Maybe you had some ration vouchers, but the stores were empty, save for something random like a jar of pickles or something even less useful.  Because the borders were closed, you couldn't go to a neighboring country to buy food.  So, they just made do.  When the borders opened to outsiders, they would come in and they couldn't believe the state the country was in.  To the resident Albanians, that's just how life was, and they wondered why the foreigners were complaining about the most random inconsequential things.

Now that Albania has become Westernized (kinda) and M has moved to America, she finds that she also sometimes finds herself complaining about stupid stuff, but she tries her best to catch herself.

I hear a select number of my hockey teammates who complain about this or that. 

Complaint 1:This gal flails/fools around on the ice.  It's dangerous
Complaint 2: All the bad players go to our team/good players to the other team
Complaint 3: I feel like my concerns aren't being listened too.
Complaint 4: There's too much drama (often from some of the biggest complainers)
Complaint 5: This one gal tries to tell me where to go on the ice

And on and on and on.  No, this isn't a group of high schoolers.  However, despite their years, they sometimes act 14.  Instead of sharing their complaints with either the person who is annoying them or the people in charge, they just whine and complain about it to other players.  Honestly, they are making the problems bigger, because the issues just simmer and mix in with anger, often from other faucets of their lives.

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Date:September 4th, 2012 02:37 am (UTC)
It always amazed me when I worked at Das Boot how people twice my age would spend all night sitting around on their butt bitching and whining about every little thing. I would try to imagine them living their entire lives in this manner and I just couldn't. I'm sorry you've got people like that around you too. I just don't know how they get through life like that. I guess it's true what you hear about some people never actually maturing, even as they continue to age.
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