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Cammie's Journal Madness

Kim's Asylum

4 November 1980
I was born in Evansville, IN, lived in Pittsburgh for a year, and now I've lived in St. Louis, MO since the summer of 2000. Since I began college, I have really begun to experience more of life, though the majority of my friends, I know because of the internet.

My interests tend towards the weird end of the mainstream. I enjoy quite a few relics of the past including classic & even silent movies. My musical taste tends towards the nerdy. I really enjoy celtic rock, tmbg & foreign language music.

My main interest since middle school has been hockey. Though its not quite the passion it once was, hockey remains an important part of my life. I play it, I'm a Blues season ticket holder, and its the reason I live in St. Louis. Its even the reason I found many of my friends. It's a large part of my identity, though my wanderlust is trying to overpower it.

Having earned a BS in Mathematics and Masters in Secondary Ed, I am currently a high school math teacher.