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Fanfic writers Feb. 20th, 2012 @ 12:50 am
I'm not exactly the most critical of fanfic readers - I'm really not. Yeah, if the grammar or spelling is especially atrocious, I'll stop reading, but for the most part, I'm pretty forgiving. However, if you have your main character crush his pelvis and fracture both legs (and even say that it's going to be a long recovery) and then have him walking around with a cane a few weeks later, I feel like I've wasted my time reading all the previous chapters of the story. I should've known to stop earlier with the inconsistencies on technology, medicine, and prices in a period piece. Seriously, if you're not going to do a simple google search, avoid making such references. I mean, it's not 1990 - it's not like you even need to go to a library to be more accurate.
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

Napping Feb. 19th, 2012 @ 02:39 am
Don't you hate it when napping screws up your sleep schedule for the night? I've got a game tomorrow morning and because I took that nap I'm not tired, even though it's 2:30am. Instead of sleeping, I'm thinking about what I should do differently in the next game and wondering if I'm paired up on D with Lil just so the coach could write "Lil Kim" on the line-ups. Yeah, I'm at that point in the sleeplessness.

Feb. 13th, 2012 @ 11:00 pm
I really need a snow day to happen tomorrow.

Occupy Tent City Nov. 12th, 2011 @ 10:35 am
Okay, so the Occupy St. Louis people were cleared from Kiener Plaza, and unfortunately, it seems like anywhere that I talk about it, the whole discussion degrades into a list of why I'm a bad person. So, here I am to get the whole thing out of my system without being flamed.

Read more...Collapse )

Okay, I'm done complaining for the day.

More than you care to read... I blame the caffeine May. 13th, 2011 @ 11:58 pm
I know that Livejournal is a bit of a ghost town, but only a handful of people here know me in real life, and none of them are coworkers. So, I thought this would be a more appropriate place to go on a long tangent than Facebook.

Today was actually an awesome day, but at the end of Smallville, they played the Superman theme, which got me all nostalgic for my youth, which caused me to play more John Williams music, which got me even MORE nostalgic and even contemplative. That's when I randomly started thinking about my job. But before I get to my next thought, let me provide a little background.Read more...Collapse )
Anyway, thanks for anyone who read that rant. I always keep so much inside that I sometimes need a forum to get it out to. I'm honestly fine, but my mind is full of ideas right now. I think tomorrow should be a movie day for me, just for the escape of it.
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Other entries
» I'm such an infant...
So, I'm grading tests for money (again), and it's all done online. In an effort to make sure that all the scorers are scoring accurately, every, say, 50 papers or so (other companies do it every 10), there is a test paper, which gauges your mad grading skills. On my grading screen, I have a stat for my daily and cumulative grading proficiency. Unfortunately, they chose to abbreviate these to "Dly" and "Cum". Um, yeah. I'm immature enough that it's rather distracting.
» Random Post
So, my sleep schedule is all screwed up, because I took a nap a few hours before bedtime. That's no surprise there. However, because I woke up, awake, at 12:30, I decided to finish one library book (I was almost done), and start on an Alan Arkin memoir that I'd just picked up.

Now, the memoir is mostly what you'd expect. Shorter than I'd like, skipping over some of the early days (like the music portion of his career), but par for the course in this day and age. Academics won't shut up, but entertainers sometimes can. Anyway, there was a page I just read which just made me happy. First, let me explain why.

A couple of years ago, I got on a major Arkin kick. I saw his early stuff, and was particularly moved by "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter," though the others were pretty good too. You know, especially this made for tv movie which is all but unavailable expect to internet ninjas like me. Um... moving on. After watching the movies and listening to some of the music, I sent a piece of fan mail. Now for actors who are especially visable (in their prime) and mobbed by letters, I wouldn't bother. If I sent a letter to David Tennant, for example, his secretary would just look to see if I sent an SASE and move on. I really don't care about autos - I'm all about posed pictures. Just look at my Facebook - it's my thing.

Anywho... I still figured that Arkin received some fan mail, but he didn't have a big presence in the fan world, so my need to say "Thanks for being awesome," overrode my usual fandom feelings of "It's a waste of time." I didn't ask for a photo or signature. I just explained that I liked a couple of movies and was happily shocked that he'd also done some music and writing. I got into a bit more detail, but I tried to keep it short. I'd found an address online and just sent the letter off, hoping that it'd make it to him, but not really expecting a reply. Perhaps a month later, I received a handwritten note from him thanking me for my letter. This was a while back (old apartment and all), but I still have that in my nic-nac box.

Well, in reading this memoir, which admittedly, has it's crotchety moments, he goes on a tangent about fandom & how it's not real, that people just want a piece of you BECAUSE you're famous, not because of what you've done. He tells about his first taste, hanging out in a bar after a Broadway play. The tv was on, and it wasn't until after the positive review that about 8 people came over with their Playbills, to have them signed. I guess you could say it was a lemon-y experience.

He goes on to say that he's only had some 15-20 fan letters (ever) that were simply about his work, and not asking for anything. So, um... that sadly makes me feel kinda good about mine. Maybe I'll go ahead & try updating that fanpage of mine over spring break. :-P Um, or not. If it wasn't so late, I'd probably throw in a movie of his, but I'd better try going back to bed. Stupid employment screwing up things! :-)
» Hamlet
I saw Hamlet (Rory Kinnear - stage show live/tape-delayed from England) once again today, and I must say that THAT show is worthy of some fanfic treatment. I'll even take Hamlet/Horatio slash. :-) I know what I'm going to look for when I get home for good tonight! It's a good thing that they don't release stage Hamlets on DVD that often. I already have Tennant and Branagh (it counts), and I daresay that if the one I saw today goes on DVD (whatever region), I'll have to pick IT up as well!

Man, I just wish they would release one of the "mad" Hamlets someday. I think it was Daniel Day Lewis who went nutso and actually saw his own father on stage once. But, um... that's not what I mean. I'm rambling. I think it's time to go to the Blues game.
» Biggest cause of conflict
It sounds paranoid, but I think that the biggest cause of conflict is when someone takes offense to something and never tells the offended what they did (They should know!) or how to fix things. Maybe the offended automatically assumes the offender is a jerk of some sort. We're all guilty of being on both sides at one time or another, but really, how silly is it? In some cases, the conflict is never resolved because the relationship is only a fleeting one, or it's a person that you seldom see. Other times, when you are stuck working with this other person, you just keep going on, though perhaps keeping the other at a distance. Perhaps you know that you said or did something that you probably shouldn't have, but you don't realize that they're still mad about it until months later, when they make a snide remark.

It's ironic that with so many methods of communication, people just don't know how to communicate. We educated people are trained to avoid conflict at all costs. Passive aggression becomes a way of life. Sometimes, I think the rather primal way of just beating each other up to solve a conflict is a more effective method.

Not everyone thinks the same way. Some people (like me) aren't sure what to say or do in certain situations, and when they say or do something unexpected, they might not know what to do, so they improvise. Perhaps they come off as jerks, but unless they are really bad people, they don't mean to. Maybe, as a matter of fact, they are still obsessing over the event months later, when you think they are horrible creatures.

Yes, I'm being incredibly vague - I just wanted to get something off my chest. I doubt that the person or persons that I am referring to will read this, but they potentially could, hence the vagueness. I'm too passive and shy about my mistakes that there is no way that I will actually confront them. I just hate to think that minor socially unacceptable words or actions have messed up friendships. I just suck at social interactions. Why do y'all think I'm such a recluse?
» One thing I hate about going out with a group...
So, my sister was in town, as was her boyfriend and his parents (It was a Cardinals thing). That's all fine and good, but we went to a restaurant and they didn't split the check. At first, I though that maybe his parents were paying for it - since they didn't ask for a split and no one made a deal of it. But then the others put in some money, and I was left feeling the mooch, since all I had was a credit card. ARGH! I'm just certain that I'm being spoken badly of on some car ride. I hate feeling like that.
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